A green future

Our commitment to sustainability is just as important as our dedication to quality. Read on to discover how we revolutionise the world of luxury accessories.

Conscious from design to delivery

Our brand is built on choices that benefit the planet, from choosing eco-friendly materials to sustainable delivery solutions.


Climate neutral

Working together with United Nations’ initiative Climate Neutral Now, we’re proud to be climate neutral in both our first and second tier.


We meticulously measure our carbon footprint to minimise our impact on climate change.


We do everything we can to reduce our emissions, while still providing the best quality possible.


We contribute to projects all around the world to neutralise the emissions we can’t reduce.

Exclusively inclusive

As a brand that relies on a multinational workforce, we’re committed to streamlining fair wages for all employees, as well as ensuring our models are as diverse as we are.

Sustainable shipping

We deliver your order using DHL’s GoGreen — an initiative that strives to soften the environmental impact of long-haul transportation.


A better tomorrow

We believe that being pioneers of change means looking beyond our brand. We’re proud to regularly donate and invest in projects that share our vision of a better tomorrow.